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All posters now available in 9 languages; choose any for just €48!

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Welcome to chiro.design

Chiropractic design re-invented!

Free yourself (and mostly your patients) from the old dusty textbooks, bad copies of other bad copies, and outdated illegible scribbles.

chiro.design is the smart, eye-catching and affordable way to modernise your chiropractic clinic. Our products are customisable with your logo and are designed in collaboration with leading chiropractors …and did we mention 9 languages to choose from?

All posters are just €48 as customised print-ready PDF files, regardless of size!

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Designed in collaboration with a chiropractic heavyweight!

Every product on chiro.design has been developed and designed in close collaboration with Sanrocco Chiropractic. Our chiropractic materials have undergone a rigorous process to ensure the highest standards of factuality and the approval of our critical designers.

How to order?

Choose your products, language and size. Upload your logo. Approve design. Proceed with payment. Receive products. Simple as that!

Efficient support

We will help you with all inquiries related to your order and will always answer your questions within 24 hours.

Quality of design

All our designs have been developed in close collaboration with leading chiropractors, and with a constant focus on factuality and eye-catching design.


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