Chiropractic Artwork from www.chiro.design
Chiropractic Artwork from www.chiro.design
Chiropractic Artwork from www.chiro.design
Chiropractic Artwork from www.chiro.design

Lymphatic System


Lymphatic System
The Lymphatic system poster is an introduction of its importance to immune system function, as a transport of cellular waste and transport of digested fats to the cells. This poster is designed to help patients understand the lymphatic system and its associated organs. It includes the increasingly popular lymphatic exercise technique; Rub, tap and stroke, which are indicated on poster with blue circles. Poster furthermore clearly visualises the associated organs through use of iconographies that lends an educational playfulness to any chiropractic clinic.

Digital file, poster print or canvas print?
We have several options available for this artwork; you can buy it as a digital print-ready PDF, as a printed poster, or as a canvas print. Below you will see the options for logo customisation, sizes and languages. If you have any questions we are always quick to reply on email shop@chiro.design; we really care a lot that you feel secure and confident with your shopping experience!

🎁 As a gift to you we include a free square 60×60 cm digital version (in English), which can be scaled up to 80×80 cm or down to 15×15 cm as needed. Gift is included regardless of which version or size of poster you purchase!

Available in A0, A1, A2, A3 and as a 50×70 cm or 60×90 cm canvas print. Choose between these 10 language versions:

English version, click here to view.
Italian version, click here to view.
French version, click here to view.
Portuguese version, click here to view.
Spanish version, click here to view.
Dutch version, click here to view.
Norwegian version, click here to view.
Danish version, click here to view.
German version, click here to view.
Swedish version, click here to view.

🔥 The square poster version is included in a 5-posters deal here.