Muscular system patient handout
Muscular system patient handout
Muscular system patient handout
Muscular system patient handout

A&P 09 Handout: Muscular System


Anatomy & Physiology Handout: Muscular System
Our AP Handouts have been created for the best reason; you have asked us for them and we have seen how quickly they have become an integral part of your patient education routines!

This card is all about the muscular system with easy identifiable muscle positions on bodies with frontal and profile views. Put yourself into the situation of a chiropractic patient, who has just been advised on a chiropractic treatment plan to deal with the pain in the latissimus dorsi and thoraco-lumbar fascia muscles. What possible chance do they realistically have of remembering this information when they leave your treatment room? These handout cards, as well as all our anatomy and physiology cards, are created for just this situation – better information ready for take-away equals better understanding for the need of chiropractic, and it will undoubtedly also result in better patients + a better experience at your clinic!

As an amazing added value we have designed the backside of these handouts to accommodate notes and next-adjustment appointment (and a subtle reminder to share you on socials), but we have gone even further than that! We also give you the option of adding your clinic’s contact details (name, address, phone, email, website) and logo! Plus, we put a cherry on top and incorporated one of our other artworks to the backside (because why wouldn’t we?) 😉

🚚 Prices for prints (front and back) with free delivery:
250 copies standard; €150 (€0,60 /unit).
250 copies premium*; €210 (€0,84 /unit).
500 copies standard; €180 (€0,36 /unit).
500 copies premium*; €235 (€0,47 /unit).
1000 copies standard; €280 (€0,28 /unit).
1000 copies premium*; €335 (€0,33 /unit).
1500 copies standard; €380 (€0,25 /unit).
1500 copies premium*; €435 (€0,29 /unit).

Customisation with your contact details and logo on the backside is an additional €50, regardless of quantity. These double-sided Muscular System Handouts are not available to purchase in a digital format.

*Premium printing is done on thick paper making the handouts similar in quality to a postcard. Size of the handouts are 21 x 21 cm. Within 24 hours after ordering we will contact you for the detailed contact information and your logo. You do not pay anything until you have approved the final artwork.

Texts on front of this handout are the names of the muscles in medical latin.
Texts on backside are available in 10 languages.

🔥 This handout artwork is also available as a poster here.
Artwork on backside is originally used in this poster here.

🎨 Customisation with your logo

If you have chosen a product that requires customisation, we recommend using your logo in white or a light color (ask us if you need assistance). Upload logo at checkout or send it to us at (please write the order number in the email). Previews on this page show the position of logo.

📈 Case study, expected ROI and an endorsement (from Sanrocco Chiropractic).
“We have been using these Handouts on a trial basis to evaluate their worth to our clinic (especially the treatment plan and the 2 pathology ones). In the beginning, before this new “handout friendly format” became available, we used printed versions of the AP posters (treatment room posters). This solution worked out ok, but we were limited by the lack of scalability (from large poster size to a more convenient size for the printer in our reception). We discussed this with the designer and agreed to participate in a limited study of how well these posters would work in a customised to-go format.”

“We are nearly 3 months into the trial run and they have been a success and a valuable addition to the clinic. We see new patients bringing these Handouts to the clinic (they must have gotten them from friends)! Even our most previously “reluctant” DC’s have taken to using these and the most recent versions with the printed backs for notes and scheduling have been superb. It is much too early to say anything about our return on investment (ROI), but we expect these handouts to become a standard routine for us moving forwards. We can endorse this completely and if you are a DC in need of clarification, we have offered to be (limited, please) available at email”DC Ross Brennan.

🇺🇸 For our US friends
Price in USD for this Anatomy and Physiology (AP) patient handout with free delivery:
250 copies standard; $155 ($0,62 /unit).
250 copies premium; $215 ($0,86 /unit).
500 copies standard; $185 ($0,37 /unit).
500 copies premium; $240 ($0,48 /unit).
1000 copies standard; $285 ($0,28 /unit).
1000 copies premium; $340 ($0,34 /unit).
1500 copies standard; $385 ($0,25 /unit).
1500 copies premium; $440 ($0,29 /unit).
Size is a double-sided 8″ x 8″.

Image depicted does not show the actual delivery box, but we are designers and we sometimes can’t help ourselves…

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