Fourth Ad-Package


Included in this Ad-Package
All of our four ads in these scalable formats:
4 PDF’s with A3 posters (22″ x 28″).
4 PDF’s with A2 posters (24″ x 36″).
4 PDF’s with full page ads for newspaper/magazine.
4 PDF’s with half page horizontal ads for newspaper/magazine.
4 JPG’s with vertical version of the ads (for email/social media/website).
4 JPG’s with horizontal version of the ads (for email/social media/website).
All of the above customised with your logo, name, website and phone number.

Please browse through the picture gallery to view all the variations.

Chiropractic advertisements …with extreme convenience!
Our chiropractic general posters, treatment room posters and the waiting room video will ensure a strong visual impact at your clinic. Our treatment room posters will boost patient understanding and are considered immensely helpful additions to the chiropractors treatment routines. But what about getting people into the clinic in the first place?

We’ve got your back!
With the advertisement packages, you will get your customised advertisement sent to your email, without having to go through an expensive ad agency or trusting the “dubious designs” of a colleague’s friend’s roommate’s cousin..!

The Fourth Ad-Package
Our fourth package gives you all of the four ads (orange, blue, yellow and red), as seen on this page, and each ad will be customised with your clinic’s name, logo and phone number. Once you have approved the customisation, we will send you the four ads in these six formats:

Vertical newspaper/magazine full page size (scalable to half or quarter page size).
Horizontal newspaper/magazine half page size (scalable to quarter page size).
Posters size A3: 297×420 mm (22″ x 28″ in inches).
Posters size A2: 420×594 mm (24″ x 36″ in inches).
Electronic jpg vertical version of the ads (for email/social media/website).
Electronic jpg horizontal version of the ads (for email/social media/website).

Important: The purchase of the fourth ad package will give you 16 customised high-resolution and print-ready PDF files (full page, half page horizontal, and two poster sizes) + 4 electronic ads, each in 2 versions. The files will belong to you, for you to use in the promotion of your clinic as you see fit.

About the advertisements
The four different ads (orange, blue, yellow and red) all focus on the critical and often overlooked point of the potential patients ability to function in their daily work life. The four ads question the ability to continue physical demanding work while dealing with painful symptoms.

Texts on the ads are “Can you keep your job while being in pain?” and underneath “Don’t gamble with your livelihood or your health!” These are thought-provoking texts that successfully underline the important chiropractic message of “spinal maintenance” and daily life benefits of chiropractic adjustments.

Customisation of the advertisements
Each ad has a place for your clinic’s logo and a highly visual placement for your clinic’s name, phone number and website. Icons for social media are optional.

During checkout you will be asked to upload your clinic’s logo. If you prefer to send us the logo and all the information needed for customisation, please do so at We are always standing by to help you getting the optimal experience with all of our designs!

🎨 Customisation with your logo

If you have chosen a product that requires customisation, we recommend using your logo in white or a light color (ask us if you need assistance). Upload logo at checkout or send it to us at (please write the order number in the email). Previews on this page show the position of logo.

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Price in USD for this Ad-Package is $300.

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