ChiroSquares Back-to-School


Chiropractic Social Media Designs – Free Back-to-School package
We are happy to be able to offer you these back-to-school ChiroSquares for free. Getting children ready for school is never easy and often includes an extensive to-do list. However, top of any list should always include a good quality backpack and the understanding of how to use it. With these 5 free ChiroSquares we sincerely hope you can help spread the information on your social media pages. In return we can guarantee you designs that are sure to get noticed and shared even further.

You can furthermore use it to get a feel for the ChiroSquares on social media and start boosting your chiropractic clinic’s online traffic. Available in “ready-to-post” resolution and 9 language versions!

đŸ“Ŗ This free back-to-school package does not include customisation with your logo and website. Please click here to see our other ChiroSquares packages, where the 5 back-to-school squares are also included, if you wish to have your clinic’s logo and website on the artwork.

How can I get my gift?
Click “Add to Cart” below âŦ‡ī¸ and proceed to a no-strings-attached download page!

🎨 Customisation with your logo

If you have chosen a product that requires customisation, we recommend using your logo in white or a light color (ask us if you need assistance). Upload logo at checkout or send it to us at (please write the order number in the email). Previews on this page show the position of logo.

ChiroSquares Free Back-to-School package includes 5 free chiropractic social media posts about the importance of a child’s backpack; how to strap it on, what to look for and recommendations for weight. is customisable chiropractic artwork that you actually want on your social media profile!

We are completely dependant on your satisfaction with our chiropractic designs and service. If you have been satisfied with both, we kindly ask you to help us reach out to the chiropractic community and let them know about Sharing us through Instagram or Facebook will make a difference,❤ī¸ thank you!