Tri-fold Brochure: Chiropractic Adjustments


Chiropractic adjustments and what you can expect at our clinic
A very elegant 21×21 cm square tri-fold brochure with our Treatment Plan (Road-to-Recovery) artwork seamlessly integrated. This artwork has become a highly valuable tool at clinics, in helping DC’s underline the importance of chiropractic as maintenance care. By adding it to this tri-fold brochure, your patients will now be able to take the treatment plan to-go!

The “anatomy” of this brochure:
When closed it measures 21×21 cm, and when open it measures 63×21 cm. It is divided into 6 square pages/sections, 3 on one side and 3 on the other.

First side consists of these 3 pages/sections:
One page with front design; headline and your clinic’s logo.
One page with backside; your contact information and your clinic’s logo + optional social media icons.
One page with your own customisable text, indicated on images with “your own text here”.

Second side consists of these 3 pages/sections:
One page with text about chiropractic adjustments.
One page with more text about chiropractic adjustment + an invitation to visit your website.
One page with our Chiropractic Treatment Plan (Road-to-Recovery) artwork.

Browse through the image gallery on this page to view all details of the brochure, to read the texts and to see where your logo, contact information and your text on the “your-own-text page” will be displayed.

Brochures are available to order in these quantities:

250 copies: €375 (€1,50/piece).
500 copies: €575 (€1,15/piece).
1000 copies: €775 (€0,77/piece).
2000 copies: €975 (€0,48/piece).

Price for all brochures includes customisation with your clinic’s logo, contact information and a fully customisable page where we will insert your own preferred text (browse gallery to see the image of the page that reads “your own text here”). For all customisations, we will contact you directly and assist you with the process.

Brochure is a square tri-fold.
Brochure measures 210×210 mm when closed.
Print quality is on premium 240-300g paper.
Price is incl. shipping to your address.

You can click here to see this brochure on display at clinics around the world.

Your guarantee: Your order will not be sent to print production until you have approved the customised design with your clinic’s logo, contact information and your text on the “your-own-text page”. We will also contact you to coordinate which of the optional social media icons you wish to have displayed. If you do not approve the customisation and choose to cancel your order, we will issue a full refund within 24 hours!

This artwork goes very well with our Appointment Cards and the Gift Certificate Cards.

🎨 Customisation with your logo

If you have chosen a product that requires customisation, we recommend using your logo in white or a light color (ask us if you need assistance). Upload logo at checkout or send it to us at shop@chiro.design (please write the order number in the email). Previews on this page show the position of logo.

At the moment this brochure is only available in English, but please write us at shop@chiro.design if you require a brochure in another language.

πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ For our US friends:
Prices in USD for this tri-fold brochure with free delivery are $375 for 250 copies, $575 for 500 copies, $775 for 1000 copies, and $975 for 2000 copies. Size of brochure when closed is a square 8,3 inches.

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